Welcome to Girls’ Voices!

Whether you’ve been writing forever or you’ve only just thought of putting your ideas on the page, Girls’ Voices will provide a comfortable, safe environment for you to explore your thoughts, poems, stories, and ideas. There are no grades or traditional homework assignments here–only proven practices to get your creative wheels turning. We know that every single girl has her own stories to tell, and her own voice with which to tell them. Our organization exists to help girls like you find, use, and honor their voices and stories.

So what do we do in Girls’ Voices? Here is a typical agenda:

  • Light a candle to open the circle, read an opening poem, check in, and set intentions.
  • Write for 10 minutes on a given prompt or a topic of your choice.
  • Share our writing, either with one other person or a small group of two or three. Give and receive feedback.¬†OR
  • Share a piece of writing with the large group and give and receive readback lines.
  • Reflect on the class and close the circle.