Every week, at the close of our writing circle, we fill out reflection cards. We think about what gifts we have received from our time together, and what challenges we might have felt during the class.

During our public readaround, our friends and family have the opportunity to fill out reflection cards as well. Some of that feedback has been captured below:

  • Challenge: Speeding through the pouring rain to hear T’s poetry and stories. Gifts: Had the pleasure of hearing highly entertaining stories. Great job, gals!
  • Gifts: Very individual and unique, with each girl having her own style. Challenge: Hard not to giggle.
  • Thank you for making me laugh. Very impressed by your imaginations!
  • I love how supportive the girls are of one another. I love the giggles and smiles. They were so creative and seemed to just run with their ideas. Nice job all around :).
  • This is really great stuff. Girls are enjoying.
  • Finding enough time in the day to really appreciate what’s important in your life. Getting lost in our daily schedule can take away from that.
  • The joy of expressing through the written word.




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