What makes Girls’ Voices different? Here are some of the principles that guide our writing circle:

Intentionality. We model intentional communication so that girls learn that they have the power to make choices in their lives. They learn to ask for what they want, and they learn how to speak up if they don’t receive what they’ve asked for.

Freedom to explore. Fiction, nonfiction, drama, poetry, novel, or laundry list of feelings–all types of writing are welcome and encouraged.

Strength in community. Writing is often a solo pursuit. Sharing allows writers to gain feedback into what is working well and what isn’t working so well with their work. Sharing also sparks new ideas among writers–a word or phrase from one writer (often called a “readback line” in our circle) will sometimes trigger a poem or story idea in another.

Positive outcomes with pen and paper. There are no grades in Girls’ Voices–there is only feedback.

Self-awareness. Many of our suggested writing prompts are designed to help girls become more aware of themselves and their world.


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